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Manual Medicine CME Series Continued


The MSUCOM CME program has continued to bring quality post graduate education to the world of physical therapy.  This program has been integral in becoming a better therapist, in changing the lives of people I touch, and advancing in the field of manual therapy.

The quality of these classes is like no other!  Skills are immediately applicable when you return to the clinic.

These courses are like no other continuing education-they will change your practice and challenge you at all levels!  The quality of the instructors, their willingness to present and share their expertise as well as the friendliness of the CME staff will keep me coming back!

In my almost 13 years of clinical practice, MSUCOM’s CME have consistently provided me with comprehensive instruction and instilled confidence to return to my practice with immediate applications.

My experience and knowledge gained by attending MSUCOM CME courses has had a profound impact on my practice and success with treatment of musculoskeletal improvements.  Thank you!

Where other courses teach techniques only, MSUCOM CME teaches the mechanics, evaluation process, and provides specific examples that incorporate techniques into the total patient treatment.

I have traveled around the world to learn different manual medicine techniques.  The content, knowledge, and skills taught at MSU are the best!  I highly recommend any musculoskeletal physicians to learn these manual medicine techniques to improve their patient management.

This is a phenomenal series of courses.  The instructors create a non-threatening learning environment with real-life experiences.  These are techniques I can use with confidence immediately in my practice.

These courses are the gold standard in manual medicine training!

The MSUCOM courses continue to amaze!  They integrate scientific data and the most advanced manual techniques to promote manual medicine better than any other program.