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Simple Gifts Continued

What is Simple Gifts?

Simple Gifts is, well . . . simple.  It’s a program coordinated by the Office of Public Relations of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.  We simply select a reputable charitable organization, send out an email and put up posters, and the generosity of good people takes it from there. You can make your donations by simply placing your gifts in the baskets at the front entrances of East and West Fee Hall, in designated areas at Macomb University Center and Detroit Medical Center, or in A314 East Fee.

Thank you for your continuing generosity – little things we do together that make a big difference to others!

Questions, comments, suggestions (especially for credible recipients)?  Email Pat Grauer,

Your Simple Gifts team:
East Lansing - Ann Cook, Meghan Tappy DiPiazza, Pat Grauer, Brittany Harrison, Laura Probyn, Meg Spenchian
     Detroit - Anna McFarland and Khadije Saad
Macomb - Denise M. Jones, Jennifer Lanuzza

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