Timeline for Enrollment

Congratulations and welcome to the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Prematriculation Timeline

The timeline to begin and complete the onboarding process will depend on your date of acceptance.  Access to pre-matriculation procedures, documents and instructions will be granted to you after you have accepted your offer of admission. A few timeline milestones follow to guide your journey.

Early as possible

Complete compliance requirements. Immunizations, background checks, and other compliance elements can take some time. These crucial steps should be started as soon as you are admitted.  

December to May

Finish outstanding requirements.  All required prerequisite courses must be completed to be permitted to matriculate. If you had unfinished requirements when you applied, be sure to register and complete those requirements. Check requirements here.

March to June

Enrollment. After you have accepted a seat in the class, you must first become an MSU Spartan.  The university will process your information and add you to the MSU student body. This can take some time - from several weeks to months - depending on the date of your acceptance. Be assured you will receive the student access ID’s needed. Your final medical school enrollment will then be processed by College of Osteopathic Medicine Enrollment Services and Student Records

Early April

Purchase essential items such as your white coat, lab materials, scrubs, Class and Student Osteopathic Medical Association membership here and click on MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Merchandise Store.


Other Essentials. Information about financial aid and scholarships, site-specific details such as housing and parking, and student life is available in the pages that follow under Admitted Applicants. 


See Prematriculation and Orientation.

Convocation (White Coat Ceremony)

See our Convocation page.