Preclerkship Site Transfer Request

Students will be considered for a pre-clerkship site transfer based on demonstrated need, as outlined below. Site transfer is contingent upon site availability. In the event there are more qualified applicants than there are seats available, the committee will facilitate a lottery system.

In order to be considered for site transfer, all students must be current with all immunization, including but not limited to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Influenza, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, T-Dap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) and additional compliances, including but not limited to Bloodborne Pathogen, HIPAA, Criminal Background Check and Fingerprinting. Verification of completion must be on record with the University Physician’s Office and the MSUCOM Office of Enrollment Services & Student Records.

MSUCOM students may prefer an alternate site for various reasons. In order to evaluate requests for transfer, the committee has established the criteria below for demonstration of need. Submitted applications and documentation will be reviewed for completeness by Enrollment Services and Student Records and will be de-identified for assessment. Availability at the requested site is necessary but not sufficient for approval of a transfer request.

Please see the Pre-Clerkship Site Transfer Policy.  Students seeking a site transfer will be required to complete the Pre-Clerkship Site Transfer Request Form and include supporting documentation as requested under the criteria they are applying.

A site transfer, if granted, will commence at the beginning of a semester. Only under very rare circumstances will approval be given for a transfer to commence during a semester.

Standards for Transfer Consideration

Student must meet at least one of the following criteria to be eligible for the lottery:

  • Student, spouse or children with physical and/or mental illness/disability in need of health facilities or specialty services unique to a specific community and which cannot be duplicated effectively elsewhere.
  • Student or spouse is the principal caregiver/support person for a family member with a physical and/or mental illness/disability.
  • Students with rare and unusual circumstances not outlined above.


Students who request consideration must provide a written statement explaining in detail, why the requested site transfer meets this criterion, including the nature of the circumstances and the impact these circumstances would have if approval would not be granted. Additional documentation to support student’s request for consideration must include:

  • Letter from patient's physician, social worker, psychologist and/or psychiatrist verifying illness, treatment plan, and impact of relocation
  • Copy of marriage license (spouse) or birth certificate(s) of child/children
  • Copy of power of attorney (caregiver validation)

Committee Reviews

The Pre-Clerkship Site Transfer Consideration Committee will convene once each semester (mid-July for a fall semester transfer; mid-November for a spring semester transfer; and mid-April for a summer semester transfer) to facilitate a lottery process for students who meet the qualifications necessary to be considered for a site transfer.

Committee Decisions

Students will be notified in writing of the outcome of the site transfer lottery. If selected, the effective date of the site transfer and further detailed instructions and expectations will be included with the written notification. If a transfer request is denied, students will be notified of their option to re-apply for site transfer the following semester: denied site transfer requests are not held beyond the current semester.