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Student Organizations

Student organizations give participants the chance to take part in leadership and engagement activities ranging from promoting international medicine to networking and mentorship. 

Students also play an important role in shaping the direction and leadership of the school by participating in student government.

Below is a listing of all of the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s student organizations. 

  • American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP)
    ACOFP serves to educate medical students about the vital role of the family physician. We offer learning opportunities by bringing in speakers, organizing community service projects, and hosting clinics that broaden us as osteopathic medical students and prepare us to become the foundation of the healthcare system.
  • Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)
    AIG was established to provide resources for students and physicians sharing a passion for anesthesiology. Goals of the AIG include building a network of students and physicians who share an interest in anesthesiology, and increasing student, physician, and community awareness in anesthesiology. 
  • American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)
    AMWA strives to advance women in medicine and improve women's health by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances.
  • American Physician Scientists Association (APSA)
    The APSA strives to be student physician-scientists' voice for improving educational opportunities, advancing patient-oriented research, and advocating for the future of translational medicine.
  • Canadian Osteopathic Student Organization (COSO)
    COSO provides information and support to Canadians at MSUCOM who hope to return to Canada or practice in the US.
  • Christian Medical Association (CMA)
    CMA is a chapter of Christian Medical and Dental Association - a group of Christians that study medicine in the Colleges of Human and Osteopathic Medicine. Our mission is to serve and glorify Jesus Christ within our lives in medicine
  • Community Integrated Medicine (CIM)
    CIM is a service organization that provides basic health screenings and preventive health education to the medically underserved. Members partake in tutoring and mentoring programs for high school students. CIM services all ages, ethnic groups and genders throughout the Lansing and southeast Michigan communities.
  • Class of 2023
    To unite osteopathic medical students - academically and socially.
  • Detroit Street Care (DSC)
    DSC is a weekly student-run clinic that partners with the Neighborhood Services Organization Tumaini Center, a crisis support hub for those currently experiencing homelessness in downtown Detroit. Student-doctors are given the chance to actualize their classroom knowledge while attending to the health needs of actual patients.
  • Emergency Medicine Club (EMC)
    EMC is dedicated to the cultivation and development of interests in emergency medicine. Activities and experiences are intended to interest students who wish to explore emergency medicine and those who practice primary care with experience in urgent care settings.
  • Internal Medicine Club (IMC)
    The Internal Medicine Club is dedicated to providing its members with numerous practical, clinical and informational events to supplement their academic knowledge and aid in the quest of becoming excellent physicians, regardless of the discipline they choose.
  • International Osteopathic Medicine Organization (IOMO)
    IOMO is a student organization dedicated to promoting international medicine by presenting information to students during noon-time talks and facilitating international education experiences. IHP is associated with the USA-IHP and the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA).
  • Islamic Medical Student Association (IMSA)
    IMSA attempts to sensitize the MSUCOM community to the unique needs of  Muslim patients. We provide a forum where Muslim medical students may discuss medical ethics from an Islamic perspective. We are also a support group for incoming Muslim students.
  • Jewish Osteopathic Student Association (JOSA)
    JOSA serves to connect the osteopathic and Jewish communities through events, volunteerism, and cultural education.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender & Allies in Medicine (LGBTA)
    The LGTBA in Medicine organization is a dedicated advocate for equality and acknowledging diversity in our community. As medical students, we strive to educate ourselves and our colleagues in LGTBA issues as they relate to medicine and everyday life through community and campus resources, speakers, and health clinics.  Our goal is to create open-minded, competent physicians willing to serve a larger population. 
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group (OBIGS)
    OBIGS is a student organization dedicated to learning about the profession of obstetrics and gynecology through a variety of experiences. We coordinate monthly meetings with enthusiastic speakers, a panel of residents and shadowing experiences in both office and hospital settings.
  • Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Physiatry (OSMP)
    OSMP strives to educate osteopathic medical students about orthopedic surgery, sports medicine and Physiatry . We offer educational and hands-on learning, including speakers, casting, and sawbones workshops student case conference presentations, and collaboration and participation at orthopedic residency programs.   We strive to instill academic excellence, leadership, mentorship, creativity, and collaboration in our members.
  • Pediatric Interest Group (PIGS)
    PIGS is an organization for students interested in pediatrics, children's issues, or is just a kid at heart!   We consist of students and faculty from the Pediatrics Department.  Our goal is to promote medical student interest in pediatrics. 
  • Peer Mentors (PM)
    Peer Mentors are a select group of students who have been nominated by faculty and/or students to be in the role of offering assistance to first-year students and other colleagues. Their goal is to provide peer-to-peer mentors for first- and second-year students at COM, including individual mentoring, health and wellness counseling, and stress management.
  • Public Health Association (PHA)
    The PHA aims to promote health advocacy and education, inspire innovative thinking, acknowledge and address health disparities, and highlight health as a multidimentional concept.
  • Sigma Sigma Phi (ΣΣΡ)
    Sigma Sigma Phi is MSUCOM’s Honorary Fraternity/Society. It has the following goals: to improve the scholastic standing and promote a higher degree of fellowship among the students, officials, and faculty,  and to foster allegiance to the AOA.
  • Spartan Street Medicine (SSM)
    SSM  is founded upon a commitment to the ideals of social justice and the right to health care for all. We aim to holistically serve people experiencing homelessness by bringing empathetic health care to the streets and shelters of Ingham County. We offer medical treatment, with follow up, connections to health education and social services such as housing, and most importantly, the compassion, trust and respect that so many people have been denied. We are a student-led medical group operating in collaboration with community partners (e.g. day shelters and community kitchens) to provide pop-up clinics and direct street outreach for people experiencing homelessness in Ingham County.
  • Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO)
    The SAAO is dedicated to increasing student awareness of osteopathic principles and practice. We provide opportunities for students to learn OMM skills through workshops and classes. These are designed to expose students to a variety of OMM techniques.
  • Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons (SAMOPS)
    SAMOPS's main goals include developing lines of communication among military medical students across the country, serving as an information source for those medical students, and promoting unity and esprit de corps among future military medical officers.
  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
    SNMA strives to advocate for and meet the medical needs of historically underserved populations.   Our protocols include but are not restricted to education, awareness, community involvement, recruitment and retention.  This organization is the student affliliate organization of the National Medical Association (NMA). 
  • Student Neurology Ophthalmology and Psychiatry Society (SNOPS)
    SNOPS is an organization focused on the science and beauty of the human brain.  This club offers its members and the community an opportunity to attend the "neurosciences lecture series", to review journal articles, and shadow physicians in the area. 
  • Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)
    SOMA is a the student affiliate organization of the American Osteopathic Association.  Our goal is to promote osteopathic ideals, unite osteopathic physicians, and educate the future of the profession.
  • Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA)
    SOSA stresses understanding of osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery and provides a forum for discussion among students and surgeons. Students will gain knowledge about various surgical specialties through organized lectures and labs.

For further information on student organizations, contact the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership at (517) 355-4608 or by email at