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Interview Process

The MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine uses the Multiple Mini-Interview, or MMI, format for medical school admissions. Interview scenarios target the qualities that the admissions committee believes are essential to be a successful osteopathic physician.

What are Multiple Mini-Interviews?

Multiple mini-interviews are timed, structured interviews with an interviewer/evaluator. At each station, applicants will interact with, or be observed by, a single evaluator. The stations assess a variety of personal characteristics. Applicants are not evaluated on their scientific knowledge.

How long is the MMI interview process?

The MMI portion of the interview day lasts approximately one hour.

Who are the interviewers or evaluators?

The interviewers or evaluators include College of Osteopathic Medicine staff, alumni, faculty and current students.  

What will applicants need when they come for their interview day?

Applicants will only need a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state ID or student ID) to check in on interview day.  

What should applicants expect on interview day?

In addition to the interview, applicants may expect to attend presentations; including a student panel and tour the medical school.

How can applicants prepare for an interview?

Just be yourself—this is your opportunity to demonstrate your readiness for medicine. Medicine is a service profession that impacts people. Consider observing professional behavior in your daily experiences. Are they positive or negative? How do they impact their audience? Reflect on the experiences you have had and how do you see yourself providing professional service? If able, we encourage applicants to participate in a mock MMI interview before interviewing.

Applicants should arrive on time for their interview and listen and read carefully to instructions throughout the day. It is expected that all applicants conduct themselves in a professional manner as they are being observed and evaluated by all college staff members and students that they interact with on interview day.

Do applicants feel nervous about the MMI?  

Many applicants are intimidated by the MMI process at the beginning, but have reported that the process becomes more comfortable as they go through the different stations.

Feedback that the college has received regarding the MMI

“As far as interview day, I was very impressed how organized the entire day was. We didn’t stray from the schedule and everyone seemed to know where they need to be at what time to make the day successful both for the college and for the applicants”.

“Every person I met today was so welcoming and kind. I felt encouraged to be myself. I felt like the staff and students of MSUCOM wanted all of us (applicants) to do well. I think this influenced the entire day, and it was all around a very positive experience”.

“I thought the quality of the faculty, staff and students that I interacted with during my interview were exceptionally impressive. Everyone at MSUCOM is warm, welcoming, and approachable. The entire interview process was very organized and enjoyable. While I was nervous prior to the interview, each person I talked to and interviewed with made me feel comfortable”. 

“The amount of support they give to interviewees to make them less nervous and more confident makes me believe that it is a place where the support system is really a point of emphasis during medical school”.