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Direct Action Thrust

Direct Action Thrust: Mobilization with Impulse

Prerequisite:  Principles of Manual Medicine and Muscle Energy Part I (Advanced Muscle Energy strongly recommended).

Description: This is a four-day intensive course of lectures, demonstrations, and small group practice sessions on the principles and use of direct action high velocity manipulative technique. Emphasis will be placed upon the spine, pelvis, and thoracic cage.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to: 1) diagnose somatic dysfunction of the vertebral column, pelvis, and thoracic cage; 2) recognize the principles of high velocity technique including the cavitation phenomena; 3) identify components of somatic dysfunctions that are most amenable to direct action thrust manipulative technique; 4) apply direct action thrust technique to all of the regions of the vertebral column, pelvis, and rib cage; 5) recognize the role of long and short lever control; development of a fulcrum and application of force from a lever to a fulcrum in direct action thrust technique; 6) recognize relative and absolute contraindications and possible complications from these techniques.

Credit Hours: 27 CME Credits
Early Bird Tuition: $1,000
Full Tuition: $1,200  
Required Text: Principles of Manual Medicine, Greenman, PE, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, fourth or fifth edition.
Course Chairperson: Carl Steele, D.O., M.S., PT.


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