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Manual Medicine Related to Sports & Occupational Injuries to the Extremities

Prerequisite: Principles of Manual Medicine (Muscle Energy Part I is recommended but not required.)

Description: This three-day course is an application of manual medicine and the diagnosis, treatment and management of sports and occupational injuries. Techniques for examination and treatment of the upper and lower limbs will be emphasized. The principles of joint play, muscle energy and mobilization with impulse technique will be introduced and practiced. Treatment will be based on a specific diagnosis with consideration of comprehensive rehabilitation strategies.

Objectives: 1) to introduce the principles of joint play examination and treatment; 2) to review the diagnosis of acute injuries and chronic dysfunctions of the joints of the upper and lower limbs; 3) to present joint play and muscle energy treatment of common sports injuries of the limbs.

Credit Hours: 20.75 CME Credits
Early Bird Tuition: $800
Full Tuition: $1000
Required Text: Principles of Manual Medicine, Greenman, PE, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, fourth or fifth edition. A course syllabus will be provided.
Course Co-Chairs: Noshir Amaria, D.O. & Robert Dowling, D.P.T.


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