Addressing the health care worker shortage
Physician assistants are uniquely suited to meet the rising demand for workers in the health care field. The College of Osteopathic Medicine is launching a physician assistant…
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3D visualization table gives students and faculty a new way to learn
A new technology acquired by the Learning Assessment Center is dramatically improving medical education and training for students and faculty across campus. Serving not only the…
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Nearly 4,000 #SpartanDO graduates and loved ones tune in to virtual graduation
In lieu of walking across the stage, graduates and their loved ones celebrated with a virtual moment of recognition as each graduate’s name was announced with a slide displaying…
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#SpartanDO Brett Etchebarne's test detects coronavirus in minutes
Brett Etchebarne and Dean Amalfitano talk about Etchebarne's new COVID-19 in vitro diagnostic test delivers 22 results in less than 10 minutes, currently awaiting FDA approval.
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Dean Amalfitano explains difficulties in creating COVID-19 vaccine
"It’s likely a vaccine will be developed for Covid-19," says Amalfitano, who has been involved in efforts to create vaccines for the flu and HIV, "but the process is riddled with…
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Potential COVID-19 test delivers results in less than 10 minutes
Etchebarne’s goal was to create a test that could be performed by emergency room doctors on many patients in a short time, on equipment all hospitals have.
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